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ReBox - Internet of Things Drop Box

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Rebox is intended to collect non-organic waste from Public Spaces. The box will be installed as IoT Drop Box (Smart Bin) in public area. Every pedestrian or visitor in public spaces can drop the non-organic waste to the Box and generate reward from Rekosistem.

Rebox is design for building management and Consumer Packaged Goods Companies to manage and collect their waste.

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Services #2


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Rekosistem provides consultancy services that focuses on waste management projects. With experience ranging from handling private sectors to government projects, we offer clients our best when it comes to technical, concept, and impact assessment advice.

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Services #3


The renergi biogas plant is one of alternative sources for renewable energy. It is the decomposition process by a large amount of bacteria and conditioned in the absence of oxygen. Biogas (or anaerobic digestion) method, among the non-fossil renewable energy sources can provide abundance of renewable energy and contributes proactively in better the current state of air pollution and greenhouse gas effect.

+ Classifications:

1. Micro Biogas plant

- produces energy ''<'' 100 kW
- suitable for household and community waste

2. Small Biogas plant

- produces energy 100 kW to 300 kW
- suitable for small agricultural, agro-livestock farms, and utilization of community waste

3. Medium Biogas plant

- produces energy 300 kW to 1000 kW
- suitable for agricultural, agro-livestock farms sector. or utilization of sewage, waste, and agricultural by-products from other farms as well.

4. Large Biogas plant

- produces energy >1000 kW
suitable for large size situations such as regional and factory waste processing.

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Services #4


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Rekosistem offers solution based on site analysis and facility evaluation. We also offer operation and supervision services for municipal solid waste (MSW) management facility.

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Services #5


Rekosistem believes that solving waste problem needs a collective understanding of what waste is and how should we prevent it from happening. We always start with the story of how raw material extraction went until an item is at one’s hand.

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We have educated various institutions, officials, and student organizations so that everyone will have the basic knowledge of know-how to prevent avoidable waste production and how to handle it properly.