About rekosistem

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Rekosistem is derived from combination of two words; ‘re-’ and ‘-ecosystem’ (in Bahasa: Ekosistem).


Re- stands for (1) reduce, (2) reuse, (3) recycle, (4) renewable, and (5) all sustainable related principles that will be implemented on our products.


-ecosystem means that our solutions will revamp the existing behaviour into a more eco-friendly community and conform them with how the ideal and organic interaction should happen.

About renergi

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Stems originally from our expertise in processing biodegradables into energy, renergi is now one of our branches in rekosistem family.

+What is renergi?

renergi focuses on processing Organic Fraction of Municipal Solid Waste (OFMSW) into energy that can be utilized accordingly and produces fertilizer as its byproduct.


The renergi biogas plant is one of alternative sources for renewable energy. It is the decomposition process by a large amount of bacteria and conditioned in the absence of oxygen.

+renergi // Household & Community Digester

01. Household & Community Digester
The household digester tank project was a unique experience. It was initiiated by the idea of utilizing waste produced from the house to be used as energy source for water heater.

+renergi // Biogas Plants

02. Biogas Plants
Waste to Energy Anaerobic digestion method gives the full benefit from processing organic waste. With this method, two products are generated: source of energy and fertilizer.

With experience of setting up biogas plants worldwide, we contribute to the circular economy by generating energy from organic waste, which used to be seen conventionally as problems.

About repick

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Repick is our main foundation of the business process in rekosistem family. Its main focus is the digitalization of waste supply chain to increase waste segregation, waste collection, and waste recycling rate in the ecosystem. The purpose is minimizing waste leakage to the environment.

+What is repick?

Repick is our answer when it comes to managing waste by combining technology and its process. The purpose is minimizing waste leakage to the environment.

Repick is accessible for anyone with smartphone to use through rekosistem app.

+Repick // Rekosistem App

03. Rekosistem App
Idea. The Rekosistem app is our answer when it comes to formalizing the current waste chain in Indonesia. By digitazing the flow process of waste; waste segregatioln, collection, and recycling will become more successful.

+Repick // ReBox (Internet of Things Drop Box)

04. ReBox (Internet of Things Drop Box)
Idea. The ReBox (Internet of Things Drop Box) is originated from intense discussion on how to get people motivated segregating their waste whilst contributing to fair share for the informal waste supply chain in Indonesia.

Our Product

Our Products

We have worked with variety of institutions, businesses, and NGOs. Here are the showcase of our products from previous and on-going projects.